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Suzy's Soulfood

Apple pear crumble

Apple pear crumble directions 1. Heat up the oven for 170 degrees 2. Cut the apples and pears into cubes, place them into a baking tray. Massage them with 1/3 part of the sugar and with half of the spices, squeeze lemon and orange juice on them as well. When you are ready with the massage place the blueberries among them as well. 3. In a bowl mix flour, sugar, walnuts and the spices. Slowly pour over the oil and form the crumble with your hands. If the mix is not sticking together well, you can always use a little bit more of oil. 4. Crumble the crumble on the top of the fruits, put it in the oven for 40 minutes. It is ready when the crumble is a bit golden and crunchy on top! Let it cool down for 15 minutes. ingredients 4 apples – middle size 3 pears – middle size 1 big handful of bluberries or dried fruits – u choose 2 cups of spelt flour 1 cup of raw can sugar or coconut sugar 1 cup of walnuts or almonds – or u can mix them 1 cup of sunflower oil Lemon, orange Cinnamon, kardamom, ginger – 1 teaspoon each

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