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Red lentilles soup

Red lentilles soup directions 1. Peel all vegetables. Cut them into little quarters or cubes. 2. First roast the onions on oil, when they become golden add the ginger, stir it, steam it a bit and after add the carrots, celery and parnsnip. Toast them till they get a bit crunchy outside, add a little bit of salt to taste and season it with all the spices. Toast it a bit more, the spices release more flavour than! When everything is beautifully smelling add the red lentilles to the mix and about 3 time more of vegetable broth and salt. 3. Bring it to boil and at the very end, taste it and add more salt if u like, it is ready when is consistent and creamy. For more creaminess you can use a bit of coconut cream as well. 4. Serve it with sliced oranges, fresh coriander and naan bread! ingredients 500 gr of red lentilles 2 big onion 5 cm of ginger – cut fine 3 carrots 1 turnip or parsnip ½ of a small celeriac vegetable broth 150 ml of coconut cream – optional Orange, fresh coriander Sunflower oil/coconut oil Salt, pepper – to taste cinnamon, nutmeg – just a pinch smoked paprika, roman cumin, koriander, kurkuma – 1 teaspoon each

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