6 months ago

Suzy's Soulfood

Vegan cottage cheese

Vegan cottage cheese cream with raspberry jelly and pumpkin seed brittle directions 1. First wash the millet in a strainer, than put it to boil in 5 times more rice milk, salt, sugar and vanilla extract. Simmer it on slow fire, take care that you stir it very often because it can burn down very easily! 2. When the millet is completely overcooked pull it off from the fire and blend it down thoroughly with a hand blender, at the end is has to be very creamy and a little bit liquid still. If it becomes a bit firm, you can always add a little bit of rice milk or water to fix the consistency. Place a cream into glass cups, let it cool down. ingredients 1 cup of millet 5 cups of rice milk 1 cup of raw can sugar 1 lemon juice 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Pinch of salt

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