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Pumpkin seed brittle

Pumpkin seed brittle directions 1. In a thick-wall pot melt the sugar into toffe (caramell) with a coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil. Don’t stir just shake it! Wait until the sugar is completely melting and completely mixed with the oils. Than add the roughly grinded pumpkin seed stirr very well and place the mix into a baking sheet, squeeze it with a spoon as much thin as you can. Let it cool down. 2. Cut it into small small pieces and scatter the millet cream with it! 3. Tip : If you have the sensation is burning down, you can stir it with a wooden spoon, don’t worry if it seems to jump up, just keep on stirring it will melt down again. ingredients 100 gr raw can sugar 100 gr pumpkin seeds grinded roughly 1 Tblsp. Pumpkin seed oil 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

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