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Glasses Case Catalog

4 Who we are EcoDNA

4 Who we are EcoDNA EcoDNA Conscius plate EcoDNA is a distributor of ecological and sustainable goods. With our products and collections we want to promote environmentally friendly produccts, free from abuse or chemicals where possible. Our clients are a diverse set of organisations, companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our producer of eco leather collection is one of the best optical producers in Italy for decades. We take pride in having long term relationships with our satisfied clients. We are a vibrant dynamic startup full of passion and commitment to our work and vision.

5 Product characteristics The product is created handmade in Italy, with the attention to detail and finishing. Our quality is guaranteed by the CERTIFICATE UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001: 2008). You can choose from 2 materials which differ in look and feel. Eco-Leather is a material that looks exactly like leather but not derived from animals. The latter is our latest addition - a Smooth Rubber. The texture is plain and plesent on the touch, available in more toned classic colours. Both of the materials are perfect as sunglasses cases - safe, protective and stylish! Our unique material allows us: to keep the same visual aesthetic characteristics; for wide spectrum of colors; high quality for good value.

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