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APRIL 15, 2018 02 Homelink Coleman refuses to take responsibility for hospitals rot Jane Patterson (RNZ) Outgoing National MP Jonathan Coleman is defending his record as Health Minister, while debate rages on about funding for public services. Dr Coleman delivered his valedictory speech to Parliament on April 11, 2018 as he prepared to take up a job heading the private health provide Acurity. The coalition government is softening up the electorate for a Budget that may not live up to everyone’s expectations, by talking up deficits in health and education it inherited from National. Rotting Hospital Buildings Rotting buildings at Middlemore Hospital, DHB deficits and government claims of ahealth fiscal hole have plagued Dr Coleman after he handed over the reins to the new minister Dr David Clark. Dr Coleman said he leaves believing he did a good job but cannot take sole responsibility for health funding. “As Minister of Health you receive money in each Budget, and that is decided collectively by the Cabinet; so, you cannot hold one individual responsible for the funding of the health system ... but whatever you put into health, there will be always people who say it is not enough.” ‘Ropey Figure’ But Labour is launching a fullcourt press against the record of the former National government, with health a main target. Dr Jonathan Coleman bidding adieu to Parliament yesterday (Picture for RNZ by VNP/Daniela Maoate-Cox) Dr Clark said that he had a “ropey” figure of about $14 billion for extra capital spending needed over the next decade. “What is clear from the stories that I have been hearing from all the DHBs is that many of them have claims to buildings that need replacing, these buildings and situations didn’t occur overnight ... they won’t be solved in one Budget.” Dr Coleman questioned from where that figure came. “That is setting up an excuse for not funding the operations, the ‘doing’ things in health, literally the surgical operations, the wages, the drugs, the treatments.” And the government was using rotting and leaky building at Middlemore to imply much bigger problems, he said. Government not told “They’re making a huge play on these leaky buildings ... which the last government was never told about, to fix those buildings is a tiny slither of less than 1 percent of the total health budget. To extrapolate that to say that is a symptom of what’s happened right across the health system actually portrays a very misleading picture,” Dr Coleman said. Labour and the Greens have Budget Responsibility Rules under which debt would be paid back more slowly than under National and spending limited as a proportion of GDP. Finance Minister Grant Robertson said these would not change, as they were financial disciplines the two parties campaigned on. “They are about setting the balance between making sure that we are prudent with taxpayers’ money but also make the investments we need to make,” he said. Dr Coleman’s departure just six months into the new parliamentary term has sparked a by-election in his Northcote seat, to be held on Saturday, June 9, 2018. The National Party will announce its candidate to replace Dr Coleman on April 15, 2018. Jane Patterson is Political Reporter at Radio New Zealand based in Wellington. Indian Newslink has published the above Report and Picture under a Special Agreement with Please read our main story on Page One and our Leader, ‘Former Minister’s arrogance astounding’ under Viewlink. Immigration Profiling was certainly racist Alastair McClymont Last week Indian Newslink reported on its Web Edition and Social Media on allegations that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) were using a tool that would racially profile people for early deportation. The Minister of Immigration has now suspended the Pilot Programme subject to further investigation. I have now been able to read INZ’s explanation for what was reported in the media and I have seen the tool that have been piloting, which is little more than an Excel Spreadsheet. Racial Content The government denies that there is racial profiling but the Spreadsheet that they are using can very clearly be used for racial profiling. By giving different weights to different factors, it is possible to identify the racial profile, or nationality, of the applicant. Immigration New Zealand also admit, in their briefing to the Minister, that those people who are at risk of being victims of immigration harm are “targeted for early intervention”. Yes, rather than deal with problems of exploitation, just target for deportation someone who might sometime in the future be a victim who has been exploited. ‘Harm Score’ Now, this tool then allocates a harm score to a person where someone gets points for making too many applications, to having a certain visa type, their age and a number of other factors. If the tool uses current visa types, then it can clearly be used to predict future risk to the immigration system. So, any Visa Officer assessing the application will look at the applicant’s name and nationality, then look at the harm score that the system gives them. And aVisa Officer is really going to have an open mind to that application? Of course not, they have been told by the computer that Mr Singh is a risk to our Immigration system and “early intervention is required.” No mixed signals there, no doubt what the application decision should be. That, is racial profiling. Alastair McClymont is an Immigration Law Specialist based in Auckland. Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi National ListMPbased in Manukau East Happy Indian Festivals of Harvest and NewYear Contact A P F E 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 09 278 9302 09 278 2143 @bakshiks Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

APRIL 15, 2018 Homelink Fraudulent relationships challenge Immigration New Zealand Venkat Raman of Convenience’ ‘Marriages are a constant headache for Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the worst sufferers are those who are genuinely married, since the latter become embroiled in the overall ‘rejected application syndrome.’ Many affected persons (that is those in bona fide marriages) have told us that their applications for visas (often Visitor Visa) were rejected by INZ, obviously suspecting them to be fake, on the face of rising incidents of fraud. We sympathise with INZ officials because they could err either way. But it is indisputable that there has been a sharp rise in the number of ‘Marriages of Convenience’ and hence a cause of worry. INZ Assistant General Manager Peter Elms said that the Department is boosting its risk and verification processes in the ongoing battle against visa fraud. The result is that INZ officials exercise greater care and scrutinise applications with greater intent, to detect and keep out fraudsters. “As part of our new operating model, additional resources are earmarked for risk and verification. As well as verification officers onshore, we have a presence in a number of strategically important locations offshore, including Mumbai, Beijing, London, Bangkok, Pretoria, Manila, Washington DC and Dubai,” he said. He said that INZ is keen to eliminate partnership fraud and hence partnership applications could take longer for processing. “Every application is assessed for its genuineness and stability. Most relationships are absolutely genuine and can be approved with a minimum of fuss, but a minority will fabricate, manipulate or exaggerate a relationship in order to obtain a visa to come to or remain in New Zealand. In those cases where we are suspicious of the relationship we will undertake additional verification in order to maintain the integrity of the immigration system. This means we may take longer to decide some applications, but it’s important we take the time needed to make the right decision,” he said. Marriage is a sacred institution in India and it is not uncommon for the bride’s family, including her parents and siblings incurring huge debts, selling or mortgaging their movable and immovable assets in India to raise the money required to meet marriage costs and the demands of bridegrooms. While marriage is still an eternal bond between a man and a woman leading to strengthened ties between families, it has also unfortunately become the playground for fraudsters and those perpetrating violence. We have handled complaints from Indian women (from India and Fiji) of the sufferings they had to undergo after arriving in New Zealand. The Indian Government is considering ways and means of bringing the perpetrators to justice. But that is not an easy process, as proved in recent years. In a majority of cases, the perpetrators are New Zealand citizens and hence remain beyond the reach of the Indian Government and its Diplomatic Mission in Wellington. New Zealand laws are inadequate to safeguard the interests of abandoned brides. According to Mr Elms, INZ received 1361 allegations about relationship fraud since July 2010. As with every other type of immigration offending each allegation is triaged to see whether it meets the criteria for investigation. He said that 49 cases were investigated, but on average INZ declines almost a ● First Home ● Investment Property ● Residential or Commercial ● Building / Extending / Renovating ● Re-Finance/ Restructure ● Buying an Apartment ● Low Deposit ● Self Employed ● Business Loan ● Property Development For all your home loan and insurance needs talk to us... Rakesh Bansal Era Bansal Manisha Kumar 021 030 8135 021 066 7598 Ex-Banker for years Ex-Banker for years Contact us for FREE consultation Toll Free: 0508 33 22 11 M:021 030 8135 09 903 3602 116b,Cavendish Drive, Manukau City | 03 third of partnership visitor applications and almost one in 10 of work and residence partnership applications. Applicants who are unsuccessful are generally prevented from travelling to New Zealand or, if already here, are required to leave or face deportation. “We urge anyone who is aware of any immigration fraud to contact us through our Contact on 0508-558855,” Mr Elms said. Related Story, ‘Premise for Temporary Entry Visa fails INZ test’ on Page 4 Accounting and Taxes ● Are you up-to-date with your end of year accounts and tax returns? ● Are you paying the right amount of tax? ● Are you growing the value of business? ● Is your business struggling to make profit? ● Have you priced your products or services correctly? 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We accept only cases which are highly likely to be successful ● Telephone enquiries /obligation free advice ● Network of professional subject matter experts, such as Commercial Lawyers, Accountants and Business Consultants to work on Business Visa applications ● Strong portfolio of successful applications ● Strong New Zealand community connections ● Skilled Migration ● Family Migration ● Business Visa ● Special Direction Applications ● Appeal toIPT, CFP (Client Complaints to INZ), S.61 and Ministerial Requests for consideration Call us now for afree initial appraisal of your immigration application (Appointment essential for personal consultations) Mukesh Arora FCCA (UK) CA (NZ) Macro Accounting and & Tax Advsors Principal: Harjeet SGolian B.A. (Aust) LL.B (NZ) Licenced Immigration Adviser -Member NZAMI -since 1993 Contact Mukesh Arora Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited 116 B, Cavendish Drive, Manukau, Auckland 2104 0800-825599 | Mobile 0211-290810 Email: Level 1, 3Campbell Road, Royal Oak, Auckland Phone: (09) 6241204 Mobile: 021 624120 E: W:

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