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The proposed bottle is

The proposed bottle is composed of 3 separate sub-containers, which are joined together by some plastic bands similar to those in plastic zip bags (they are added to the bottle in the labeling process). The consumer will buy separately as many as he wants, and will assemble his bottles combining up to 3 different aromas. v Bottle disassembly Once the bottle is set up, the individual caps will have snapped together to form a single cap that can be opened with a single movement, and the beer will be ready to be served. v Cap disassembly 27

While still an industrial beer but in many ways approaching the artisan phenomenon, & BEER allows consumers to create a beer according to their personal tastes. The more than 20 available containers have the same beer as a base, but each of them is distinguished from the rest in its particular aroma. Consumers will be able to choose their favorites and combine them in the way they want to create a beer with a unique combination of nuances (more than 8000 possible combinations). But that is not all. The concept of "beer tourism", tasting local beer when traveling abroad, remains intact in a single beer, since each country, each region, will have one or more local flavours that will be sold only in them. This way, & BEER also becomes the perfect souvenir. As the three sub-bottles would have a label with the logo in them, something needed to be ideated so that it did not seem repetitive. That is how the idea of the "&" symbol came, which would give continuity to the list of chosen aromas by conecting them. v Example of two labels next to each other 28

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