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Objective To design an

Objective To design an innovative glass bottle and its brand Opportunity Bring wine to young audiences Target user The millennial generation 3

The studies on the consumption of wine are conclusive: every time less wine is drunk. Spain, although being a world power in both production and exports, has recently reached historical lows of consumption. The wine industry has not been able to adapt to the youth the same way other drinks as beer have. After an extensive analysis, it was concluded that the main factors why young people do not drink wine are the following ones: Perception: Young people are not identified with wine. They do not consider it suitable for a pottage, to consume between friends. It is not comfortable to drink: Its consumption requires external utensils, drinks in glass and the formats do not fit the context. High alcoholic graduation: The amount of alcohol per dose is higher than beer's, preventing the same level of consumption. Bottle Size: The current units are too large for consuming it in outdoor places. 4

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