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A fytreat Centre for

A fytreat Centre for WhoCe 'H&atth 2.2.4 Meditation Tower The meditation tower acts as an expression of verticality in a predominately horizontal composition. The contrast is its singularity, reinforcing its significance as a compositional figure. As the anchor of the west end of the Centre, the tower symbolizes the quiet strength inherent in meditation. The meditation tower exists on three levels. The top level is a partially exposed deck that allows views to the expanse of the southwest as well as the tops of the tress. The second level is partly defined by a seamless and sound proof wall of glass and stands nestled at mid-tree height as an inner reflection zone. By virtue of its direct contact with the ground, the main level offers a close connection to the outdoors. Also at ground level is a large outdoor deck, lying at rest across the landscape, while addressing the site and the totality of the Retreat. The deck provides visual extension into all zones encompassed within the primary arc of the walls. Here, the visitor can reside in an area protected by trees. The tower can also serve as a marker, establishing a place to meet or a reference on the site. Fig. 16 Meditation Activities in the tower could be scheduled to allow for flexibility of usage. Group activities could be accommodated on the ground floor, leaving the second level for personal meditation. It is important to visualize the tower as a 'quiet' space, where the activities would reflect that notion. 38

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