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A O&treat Centre for c WkoU tieattfi 2.2.5 Spa Water is the most common compound on earth. It has no beginning or end. It is coming and going simultaneously, but always present. Water is a symbolic representation of life. When water discharges down a drain, it reflects the motion of the planet. It reinforces a cyclical nature of life by its ability to evaporate, accumulate, and rain, and endlessly and tirelessly repeat the process. Water binds together earth and sky and is precious and vital to our daily lives. Bathing is an activity that is as pleasurable as it is healthy. Bathing helps prevent diseases by cleansing the body, but it also relaxes and rejuvenates. It is believed immersion into warm water tends to reduce hormones that are secreted when the body is cold or frightened. 22 Another benefit of water is that it may act on our muscular system. A warm bath softens up collagen (the main ingredient in tendons), thereby physically relaxing our bodies. 23 A spa was incorporated as an essential part of the healing environment of the Retreat. Like the meditation tower, the spa acts as an anchor for the southern tip of the building. The spa accommodates changing facilities, a hot pool that extends outdoors, a cold pool, a co-ed dry sauna and a co-ed steam bath. The sauna and steam bath share a 'cool off space that has an indoor and an outdoor component. The spa was visualized as a fluctuation of the main circulation that 39

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