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A H^etreat Centre for

A H^etreat Centre for "Whok tfiatth 3.0 Conclusion The design of a Retreat Centre for Whole Health has attempted to aid the act of healing and health maintenance by integrating these processes with an environment that is, in and of itself, health-giving. The development of the Centre reflects the belief that the joining of nature, environment and architecture can result in a reconnection between the body, mind and spirit, and their relationship to the world. At the centre of this reconnection, is the integration of architecture into landscape, where the healing effects of architecture can be emphasized through harmony and balance. This allows for the inclusiveness of architecture with landscape, and the inclusiveness of the body with architecture. Through the evaluation of health and environment, a practical design solution was developed, where site and an architectural experience become part of a force that can maintain and promote health. In the art of healing, one's total environment, both mental and physical, become key elements in the promotion and maintenance of health. It is this phenomenon that allows us to understand and appreciate the power of 'place' as a fundamental aspect central to the state of our wellbeing. 41

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