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Si %$tnat Centre for lA/fwCe 'H&aitfi Lighting Where the sun does not enter, the doctor does. -Italian Proverb- The sun is a rich source of light with an every changing quality. The changing colours and moods of the sky and the weather are reflected by the illumination of surfaces and forms. The sun can animate spaces by virtue of its evolutionary nature. Natural lighting was utilized within the Retreat to reflect and make tactile the sun's quality of light. Virtually all the spaces of the Retreat relate to the outdoors with glazing, either directly or indirectly. Sunlight washes surfaces making the surface itself become a light source. Sunlight clarifies form and colour in space and serves as a reminder of the rhythms of nature. At night, when natural light is almost non-existent, aitificial light is required to guide us through the world. The quality of artificial light that the Centre must incorporate must strive to emulate natural light in so far as to avoid systems and lamps that "feel" artificial. Lamps that have a continuous colour spectrum close to natural light would be the preferred method of artificial illumination. Low colour temperature lighting gives a warm appearance and is well suited to healing environments. Light and shade variations are critical when creating a healing environment. 45

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