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A Retreat Centre far (

A Retreat Centre far ( Wfwit 'Hzaltk Mechanical Systems Because the Retreat is organized into components, the mechanical system was treated as such, where the spa, greenhouse, centre proper, and the sleeping quarters and meditation tower incorporated their own, individual, local systems. The basic mechanical system strategy is that of zoning. There were fivebasic zones to accommodate that will be served by local systems. A large centralized system cannot efficiently serve the Retreat because of the building's 'spread out' plan, and the functional differences of the spaces require different heating and cooling needs. The dispersal of equipment minimizes the size of the distribution tree and simplifies control systems. 26 The zonal approach to air handling allows for more air control over areas within the building. This in turn would increase indoor air quality levels if properly maintained. \ Fig. 18 Mechanical zoning strategy. Dark areas indicate mechanical rooms. Energy conservation can be more effective with local systems because heating and cooling is produced only where needed. To help reduce resource consumption, areas would be shut down when not in use, recycling heat energy fromthe pool, for example, would be utilized and the roof structure could be outfitted to incorporate solar collectors. Spaces were allocated for mechanical systems such as air handling units and water management and treatment systems. It should be noted that the spa 47

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