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A Retreat Centre for c

A Retreat Centre for c Whoie, "Health Precedents To further substantiate the feasibility for a retreat centre for whole health, it became important to document existing buildings of this nature. While there are numerous hospitals and clinics worldwide, whole health centres are not as abundant. Health and wellness centres, as they are commonly called are in existence. The Tom Landry Sports Medicine and Research Centre that includes a gymnasium, track, racquetball courts, a restaurant and a sports shop, specializes in cardiovascular rehabilitation and physical therapy. The Cooper Aerobics Centre in Texas incorporates a hotel, a one-mile cushioned outdoor running surface, tennis courts and two swimming pools. The Santa Monica Hospital Medical Centre in California offers cardiovascular and weight training equipment, aerobics space and cardiac rehabilitation space with telemetry. Closer to home is Winnipeg's Seven Oaks General Hospital. It offers "community programs and services that promote health, prevent illness and disability, and restore wellness. " 29 The institute includes stress/ health assessment labs, health promotion education rooms with a teaching kitchen, self-help resource library, fitness studios and a heated therapeutic pool. On a smaller scale, and close to Calgary exists the Lochend Clinique. They offer hydrotherapy and massage rehabilitation, more specifically Swedish relaxation massage, ice massage therapy, deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, acupressure and reflexology. 51

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