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A fRetreat Centre for

A fRetreat Centre for TA/fwCe OJeaCth 1.0 Theoretical Framework Trust in the Power of Nature -Anonymous- 1.1 Health Care The Western medical tradition has become a much-debated topic of the late 20 th century. Its powerful ability to cure physical ailments through surgery and drugs is undisputed, but it comes with some side effects. Western medicine often addresses symptom suppression, and is under some public scrutiny because of its lack of attention toward the interconnectedness of the body to itself, the mind-body connection, and illness prevention as a critical component in health care. Modern health care must appreciate and consider health education, prevention, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, patient individuality and uniqueness, and environmental pollutants, as well as focus on alleviating unwanted symptoms. Orthodox medicine and holistic medicine must work together to combat the plethora of illnesses in today's society. Holistic medicine, more accurately termed integrative therapies, addresses fundamental human conditions through practices of mind, body, and spiritual harmony andrevitalization- essentially heightening selfawareness. We should not merely "fix what's broken"; instead we must focus on awareness of stress and lifestyle factors, and take a personal 3

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