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A Estreat Cmtrefor

A Estreat Cmtrefor 'Whote ( Heaitk hologram. " 9 When the smallest part sends an impulse, the whole will realize it and visa versa, as a kind of collective consciousness. Therefore the physical state reflects the emotional mind. "The main objective of holistic healing is to help correct the life condition that predisposes a person to disease. " ,0 Chinese medicine is based on the belief that there is a physical and energetic relationship between our bodies' internal and external organs, senses and functions, and in Chinese medicine, it is considered that the relationship between life (us) and nature are in exact correspondence. We are reflections of nature and part of nature. Being separate from nature is detrimental to health. Chinese medicine has a spiritual goal based on harmony and balance." Physical, mental or spiritual imbalances seldom occur in isolation, they are interwoven. The most expressive aspect of balance in nature is the seasons, making their influence on health undeniable. To maintain physical and mental health, one must cultivate the mind by balancing and regulating the spirit, consciousness, thoughts and emotions. One must stay in touch with one's self by facilitating a natural approach to achieve balance. Nutrition is important as an aspect of whole health. Also, avoiding overstrain by finding appropriate rhythms that correspond to nature, maintaining regular lifestyle patterns like working at daylight and resting at dark, and keeping regular and adequate sleep habits are crucial to the upkeep of optimum health. Factors that affect health are nutrition, sleep habits, excercise, air quality, environment, personal attitude and relationships with others. 10

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