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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for "Whole "Health 1.7 Architecture as Environment The process of healing is enabling, not manipulating. Symptoms express the body's condition and illnesses express the mind's state. To heal is to bring to the patient something that is 'outer' so s/he can make an inner step. Milieu is understood through experience, perception, mood and personality. It is environment that creates and enhances these attributes. By becoming aware of our self, our micro-environment and our macro environment, we begin a process of empowerment. The basis of our experience of a place is our level of awareness of that place. It is through awareness of our surroundings that we understand, evaluate and observe ourselves. A healing and health centre is a place that must reinforce who we are. The healing process must take place from within ourselves, but can be triggered from outside of us. Environment can be the trigger that initiates and supports the healing process. But to be "health giving", stimuli must meet our needs. It is the common characteristics of well-being that architecture must recognize, not the specific. The hearth or heart of the home exemplifies some of these characteristics and is a place that radiates warmth. Smell, sight and sound are focused on the natural phenomenon of fire, giving spirit to the home. It is architecture that can support and contain qualities appropriate to different modes of existence, reinforcing a sense of place. By understanding that home is a place to relax and recharge, we can gain insight into healing architecture. Home is the environment that we 15

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