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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for "Whole tfealth have the most control over, and is therefore where we feel most like ourselves, where our true nature surfaces. We accept our own individuality at home. When disease develops, it is a clue that internal and external adjustments need to be made specific to the individual. Mass suburban housing projects, built for the storage of people, are faceless and at times ugly compared to houses built for individuals.(Fig.4) Architecture should celebrate the individual, as should medicine. Individualized medicine is sensitive and caring, where a generalized medicinal approach does not recognize the independent qualities that comprise the person. Individuality, or spirit of place, can be sensed. Fig. 4 Mass housing project We have to go beyond mere cosmetic fixes to heal our environment and instead create healing environments. The essence of architecture is felt and not just seen. If all that is recognized are the parts, then there is no whole, therefore no architecture. Architecture is not just for the eye. However, when observation becomes paramount in architectural appreciation, "fronts" are built, facades are manufactured and materials are used, not for their inherent properties, but to cover up and mislead the observer. Our total environment influences our perception through light and shadow, colour, climate, textures, sound and symbols, therefore influencing our thought mobility, conscious control and senses. 16

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