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A "Retreat Centre for c Whok 'Health 1.8 Healing Architecture We build buildings for practical, physiological, biological, psychological and spiritual needs. Buildings play the role as mediator between us and the outside world. So the true power of architecture is its ability to exclude or admit. Healing architecture must admit and accept a diverse range of people in such a way as to facilitate self-expressiveness. Healing architecture is about inclusiveness and embracing both of people and site. It should connect with daily rhythms like light movement, connecting back to nature. An environment that heals should reflect changes in the seasons and changes in the people that inhabit them. We must live in conjunction with our environment, and our built world must live in conjunction with the earth, the seasons, plants, animals and humanity. Healing architecture should restore wholeness by not alienating or rendering the user powerless and separated. It must remind us of our place on earth and not isolate us from it, while relaxing, stimulating, renewing and reassuring us. By providing meaningful experiences like a sense of journey with a balance of directed, expanded and obstructed views and a variety of textured light and shade, architecture can enhance our lives by celebrating the present. While views, or lack of them, can anticipate the future destination, it should take second place to the event of the moment. The passageway, for example, should echo the place as a whole and be an experience itself. 19

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