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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for "Whole Health 1.9 Harmony and Balance Architect Christopher Day speaks of the "conversation principle" in his book Places of the Soul. He writes, "Conversation is the process by which two or more individuals come together to create a whole more than the sum of their parts... The individuals need to be able to adapt their plans according to the needs of each other but without compromising their essential nature". 19 The "conversation principle" can be applied directly to architecture when striving to achieve harmonious environments. The new, therefore, is an organic development of what is already there. This notion can be applied to all levels of architecture: building/site relationship, spatial relationships, sequential relationships and the physical elements and their mutual response, where harmonious and meaningful relationships should evolve. For example, as you pass from one space to another, a change of space and form must occur, reflecting the change of mood and experience of the spaces moved through. Without a reflected change, no meaningful relationship is fostered. Architectural elements must respond and "speak" to each other, and it is through form modification that they live together harmoniously. Harmony presupposes balance. Even distribution of elements with steady positioning creates aspects of balance. Balance gives us stability and is life- 21

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