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A ^treat Centra for lAfook tfeattk 1.10 Research Methods To gain an understanding into the ways the Retreat functions, it was important to have basic knowledge of the integrated therapies it will offer. One overriding aspect of all natural therapies is that the practitioner always tailors the treatment to meet the individual's specific condition, needs, medical history, diet, lifestyle and other pertinent characteristics. Acupuncture treatment differs for every person, even if each complains of similar symptoms. This is a major strength of integrated therapy; everybody is treated as an individual. It became evident through my personal experiences with some therapies, such as acupuncture, that an understanding of the connection between the mind and body and the body and the earth was critical to the healing process. It then became clear that by using the notions of individuality (understanding the uniqueness of the site) and connection (the importance of the buildings connection with the site, the user to the building, etc.) that a design could be developed. Specific ideas relating site and building with individuality and connection are outlined in the following section. 23

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