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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for 'Whole Jkalth 2.1.1 Design Intent The focus of the exercise is to establish an architectural experience that is part of a force that can maintain and promote health through sense of journey, inclusiveness, harmony and balance. The built space will also recognize the site as a major force that influenced and helped to describe and develop the architecture. In doing so, the concrete realm of the architecture will begin to reflect the growth and nurturing aspects of the landscape. This thrusts architecture and our perceptions of the world into a continual state of flux, always changing, always evolving in the same way that the earth and health always change and evolve. In realizing this, we can come to a greater understanding of the way space, form and order function, viewing events holistically. One aspect of the whole must be studied, and then integrated with others to appreciate the whole. The relationship between the site and the architecture is as important to the understanding of'place' as individual elements, and acts as a metaphor for the body/world relationship. 25

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