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A fytreat Centre for

A fytreat Centre for Wfiok tfeaCtfi and a nutrition centre, is imperative to a balanced and comprehensive facility. In addition to these services, hydrotherapy, swimming and gardening will be offered to reinforce direct client involvement; healthcare becomes interconnected with everyday living. The Centre would be accessible to all people. For example, the have-nots in our society could utilize the facility through a volunteer program, where a shuttle service to and from the city would be provided. By contributing in the Centre, self-worth would be reinforced while the volunteers could learn about their own health, thus improving society as a whole. The Centre will demonstrate that architectural design and the architectural experience are part of the force that can maintain and promote health. Our surroundings, which include quality of light, colour, form, texture, symbols, sounds, thermal quality and air quality are central to the state of our wellbeing and therefore can be manipulated to transform an experience from a negative sickly one, to a positive healthy one. It is my intention to create an environment that instils healthy feelings and attitudes and provides a clean environment to facilitate healing, while serving the practical function of a health centre; form and function become mutually dependent, forming a symbiotic relationship. V

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