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ft fitetreat Centre for "Whole 'H&alth 2.1.5 The Macro Site The site is approximately 50-km northwest of Calgary off the Forestry Trunk Road, and can be reached by car in 30 to 40 minutes from the city centre. It occupies about one section of land bordered by the Ghost River and is set into a distinctly tiered valley. The Rocky Mountains define the west and south views. The entry into the site is from the north on a plateau where the realization of the tiers is not quite evident. As one progresses further into the site, the tiers reveal themselves, and become identified progressively as a flat prairie, then a rolling hill, through to cliffs indicative of mountainous conditions. I O jVrtvr ^V^A^" 0 /D 3-a Si *AA The extreme elements of the prairie, foothills and mountains blend together, accentuating geographical diversity and exemplifying a landscape in flux. The distinction from one condition to the next is clear while remaining fluid. The meeting of the elements became a metaphor for rejuvenation by virtue of its dynamism. The active tectonic plates thrust against each other in a moment of deep rooted, eternal repose. Fig. 11 Contextual map of site The pure geographic conditions define each other by what Michael Benedikt refers to as the principle of difference. 21 To understand a situation or event, one must see that situation or event totally, in its fullest extent. What is inbetween is as important as what defines the in-between. Seemingly different elements depend on each other for their own identity and 29

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