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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for W(w(e 'Health existence. It is impossible to draw a picture of a valley without creating two hills.(Fig.l2) It was important to locate the Retreat away from urban sprawl for two reasons. One, the congestion of the city is not particularly health-giving because city living tends to be divorced from nature. Natural elements are transposed into a city and are seldom untouched by human hands to evolve, grow and develop autonomously. The natural rhythms of the earth are more clearly evident outside the urban setting. Secondly, while speculating that most of the users of the Retreat will come from the city, the separation of time and space from city to retreat becomes a transformation from one realm to another, echoing a positive transformation from congested health to clear, optimum health. * Fig. 12 The Yin Yang. The ancient Eastern symbol representing balance. The Yin replies on the Yang for its shape and visa-versa. 30

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