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A Retreat Centre for

A Retreat Centre for 'Whole Tkatth 2.2.2 The Hub Entry A section of the main arc, directly opposite the hub, has been flared out and raised to create entry. The main entrance can be reached via two approaches, one pedestrian and one vehicular. The pedestrian path allows visitors to park the vehicles at a parking lot to the north of the Centre and walk down through a grove of trees to the entrance. Alternatively, visitors can enter the Retreat from a drop off and/or parking area directly adjacent to, and level with, the entry itself. The two access routes offer choice so the visitor is not restricted to one mode of approach only. The entry itself descends into the common gallery via a ramp and stairs. The roof of the entry follows the gentle curve of the arc where inclined; ribbon windows allow sunlight to wash the arc wall. Sunlight is offered along the northern portion of the Centre as well as accentuating the containment nature of the arc; the arc segment cups and cradles the sunlight. The roof segment articulated the entirety of the Retreat by extending into and over the spine of the building. The Hub Proper The hub of the Centre is comprised of a common gallery, a lounge, retail 34

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