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fr Retreat Centre for

fr Retreat Centre for "Whote ^Health space, meeting rooms, a dining area, a main lecture hall, offices, a library, treatment spaces and an outdoor court. It was located in the 'nucleus' of the Retreat by virtue of its function. It is the centre where people meet, formally and informally, research and study, dine, socialize and receive specific treatments. Visually in plan and elevation, the hub is an extension of the topography of the site and the overnight facilities. By 'growing' out of the landscape, reflecting natural flowof the land, the hub tiers down the site. The formation and programmatic organization of the hub is loosely based on a circle, where the focal point is the outdoor court. Public spaces are oriented toward the court as a reminder of the importance of an imperative and constant connection with nature. The court also acts as a fieldof containment within a larger field,enhancing a feeling of enclosure and protection and establishing a dialogue between architecture and landscape. In winter periods, the court could be covered to provide a soothing contrast to a completely outdoor experience. The library, the main meeting hall and the dining area, directly address the court. In doing so, these public spaces recognize and reflect upon each other as aspects of the Centre that participate in the creation of the whole. Architectural elements came together to define and delineate the significant space of the outdoor court. The main public areas belong both to the 35

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