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A ffytreat Centre for

A ffytreat Centre for 'Whole tfedth architecture and the landscape, simultaneously defining each other. As the hub radiates from the gesture of the arc, it develops and contains spaces and is flanked at its southwest edge by the gentle cupping of the treatment rooms. Conceptually, treatment can be viewed as a direct nurturing and dynamic intervention that is a fundamental aspect of maintaining and achieving health. Allowing the treatment rooms to 'hug' the west and south edges of the hub, while leaving the east edge open, suggests a containment that permits freedom and extension. This is indicative of the idea of treatment itself, to comfort and protect, while reinforcing personal development. The treatment block emerged to help describe and express the nature of the retreat itself. To further the notion of containment and release, and as a compositional element that related the Centre to the macro-level of the site, a 500 cm wall was inserted into the ground as a kind of completion of the arc. As well as forming an exterior relationship with the meditation tower and the spa, the wall element extends the protection of the arc into the landscape. By siting the wall toward the centre of the main arc, the wall began to define, dissolve and extend multi-boundaries of the Centre. These boundaries were containers and releasers simultaneously. While creating containment, the Centre still relates to the expanse of the river, foothills and mountains to the southwest. 36

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