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A. ^Retreat Centre for

A. ^Retreat Centre for Whole 'H&altfi 2.2.3 Sleeping Quarters A reflexive, intuitive approach to the land was moderated by the rational articulation of the sleeping quarters. While maintaining the integrity of the curve, the sleeping quarters addressed both the convex and the concave sides of the arc. This was due to the wooded nature of the site. The trees became a protective element that reinforces notions of nurturing. Divided into three sections, the lodgings step down the hill at one-meter intervals while the centre roof element that denotes the passageway, remains at a constant elevation. This gradual vertical expanse of space is interrupted by two 'links' that reorient the user to the site by offering peak views and establish entry and exit points. The arc is articulated as elements that define outdoor decks, visually including the suites while allowing them to filter past the arc and enter the northern part of the site. The suites themselves range in size to accommodate both individuals and groups, like couples and small families. The smallest suite is 12m 2 and the largest suite is 35 m 2 . The Centre could be scheduled in such a way as to facilitate groups that share like characteristics. For example, there could be a 'family month' where only mothers, fathers and children could enjoy the facility. At other times, only adults would be permitted. How and who would use the Centre would develop over time, so maintaining a simple approach to the rooms was important. 37

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