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11.0 Appendix-A- Birth

11.0 Appendix-A- Birth of Suburban Business Parks Business or industrial parks in suburban zones originate back to the urban sprawl times, when businesses decided to make their moves to the suburbs with the attempts towards less cost lands and more flexible building strategies in comparison with urban zones. health centres. The handbook also states that for the facilities to be feasible, attention to ratios of employees to building area need to be considered. 120 BUSINESS PARK AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT HANDBOOK (in its latest edition) defines the business park as “a multi-building development, planned to accommodate a range of uses, from light industrial to office space, in an integrated park-like setting with supporting uses for the people who work there. They can range from small parks on several acres to facilities of several hundred acres or more.” In general, business parks allow a mix of office types, warehouses, flex spaces, in order to please most occupants. 118 ULI (Urban Land Institution) handbook emphasises the significance of amenities and services when locating business parks. It states that “The competitive advantage of a business park is enhanced by the availability of the near-by amenities and services, including restaurants, shops, hotels, day-care, fitness centres, and outdoor recreation facilities such as jogging tracks.” 119 ULI handbook, however, shows its major attention to workers’ lives, raising the awareness towards making services available on site and easily accessed by workers. These facilities include; food suppliers and cafes, day-care facilities, walking and running tracks, recreational and Figure 11.1: Prime four business park, Scotland. Carefully landscaped with the integration of open spaces ( 118 Squamish Community Profile, accessed April 15, 2015, 119 Ibid. 120 Ibid. 92

Business parks shift to suburban areas for several reasons, as seeking for larger spaces in a more competitive land value which becomes essential when comparing central business districts with suburban office parks. The relocation of those businesses depends on whether life quality of workers will still be achieved in those suburbs. 121 Providing advantages over traditional business environment, suburban parks can succeed in targeting tenants and workers needs which include; larger office area for less cost, healthy working environment, life enhancing amenities. 122 Thus, business parks environment in suburban areas needs to be highly considered, as working in a business park does not necessary mean an isolated environment; instead, they can be designed to deliver a quality experience by enhancing workers’ health and wellbeing, which in turn influence their productivity at work. Figure 11.2: Business workers’ life enhancing amenities at prime four business park, Scotland 121 Michael J Ziatyk, "Office shift to suburbs continues," Real Estate Weekly, 1993, Vol.39(25), p.D8(1) 122 Ibid. 93

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