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Jetts Gym: Located at

Jetts Gym: Located at the crossing hub and just below the Quest hotel building. The gym has 24 hour access with no socialising or other entertainment areas, it mainly depends on the cafes near-by, and on the outdoor plaza which feels busy and active during the day time, but this completely changes and becomes quiet after 5.00pm when businesses close. Figure 11.25: Jetts gym (interior and exterior images) 102

Quest Hotel (amenities within the rooms): A 62 room, four star Quest serviced apartment complex, provides fully equipped kitchen, private laundry, internet access, TV and spacious living rooms for the one and two bedroom typologies. 125 The hotel depends fully on the amenities near-by, such as the Jetts gym, Conference centre, cafes and restaurants. This keeps its options limited at night time or after business hours. Figure 11.26 Quest hotel from the exterior Figure 11.27: Studio Typology Figure 11.28: One bedroom Typology Figure 11.29: Two bedrooms Typology Figure 11.30: Reception and lobby 125 Quest Serviced Apartments, accessed April 24, 2015, on/457/New_Zealand/Auckland_Suburbs/Quest_H ighbrook/Welcome.aspx. 103

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