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3.0 Organic Architecture

3.0 Organic Architecture and therapy “For some, organic is curved, organic is asymmetrical, organic is natural materials, organic is individualistic, organic is holistic.” Sidney K. Robinson 65 The environmental architect, David Pearson explains that Organic Architecture is majorly influenced by nature, life, natural and biological forms. He describes that this type of architecture is being sensitive to human mind, body, and spirit. 66 Perhaps, for its ability to allow interaction between human and nature; as human senses get drawn into the smell of natural materials, texture, and also colours. Characteristics: Organic Architecture hasn’t got a definitive rule or shape; rather, it forms and evolves according to the influential site or concept, all inspired by nature. Pearson identifies the main principles that describe this type of architecture which include: -Building as Nature Nature, as the most influential element, where the building itself is seen as part of nature, growing from the inside out to achieve a successful design that is in harmony with its natural environment. This harmony involves not only the building form, but also its interior function. 67 Figure 3.1 The Savill building, Organic roof approach - Continuous Present Another principle that Organic Architecture enjoys is being constantly changing and renewed, its concept is always fresh and should never be repeated; Antonio Gaudi philosophy of work is a great example on that where he derives his concept from the site environments. 68 - Form follows Flow Dynamic forces of the surrounding nature on site are used to project building forms. Pearson states that working with these forces is essential in order to avoid negative energies that may occur when designing against these forces. Thus, buildings’ shapes should respond to these flows and be inspired by them. However, these forces or energies were classified as wind, temperature, earth and water movement, and structural forces. And following these curvilinear shaped energies develop an organic architecture that enjoys a fluid and unique form. 69 65 David Pearson, New Organic Architecture: The Breaking Wave (London: Gaia Books Limited, 2001), 28 66 David Pearson, New Organic Architecture: The Breaking Wave (London: Gaia Books Limited, 2001), 8 67 Ibid, 10 68 Ibid, 12 69 Ibid, 14 14

- Of the People Functionality and comfort are other two essential elements that Organic Architecture considers. Buildings are for people and communities, and design decisions should be taken to suit their requirements. Pearson emphasises the significance of developing sensitive and caring architecture that adjusts to peoples’ needs. 70 - Of the Hill Building-site relationship is crucial; Organic Architecture should read as it was projected from the site itself and not just been placed on it. Frank Lloyd Wright, for instance, uses the approach “of the hill” instead of “on the hill” and utilise from site characters to influence his forms. Pearson believes that challenging and awkward sites provide the opportunity for more skilful and creative design. 71 - Of the Materials Organic Architecture suggests that building materials should celebrate their own natural characteristics rather than being disguise by paint or colour, in order to give the spirit of nature. Traditional materials are classified to be the best materials used for Organic Architecture, such as wood, earth, and straw, keeping in mind that material choices need to be ecologically sound and free from any negative impact on health. 72 - Youthful and unexpected The style that carries brand new designs, feels youthful, playful and unusual, with deep underlying use of symbolism and concepts. 73 70 Ibid, 16 71 Ibid, 18 72 Ibid, 20 73 Ibid, 22 15

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