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Figure 5.4 Therme vals

Figure 5.4 Therme vals light control Figure 5.5 Nasal experience Figure 5.6 sound experience 20

5.2 House of Culture and Movement, Frederiksberg, Denmark- MVRDV and ADEPT Architects, completion in 2015 -Atmospheric changes Building’s aim was to encourage the use of health and wellness facilities through engaging communities with an active design and constantly changing atmospheres. The building enjoys a rectangular form with programmes organised vertically, and connected through a flexible lobby space which is utilised for multiple activities. The vertically organized programmes involve: a theatre, health space, food area, Zen area, study centre and exhibition hall, activity centre, wellness and an administration area. Zones seem to be contained in differently shaped volumes with distinct approaches to light and colours, allowing a playful experience. This example emphasises the change of atmospheres in each zoneanother way to attract and encourage people moving and discovering each facility. Physical separation, however, is accompanied by visual connection to keep zones somehow connected. Also, circulation routes are vital and movement is encouraged by the openness of the in-between space. Figure 5.7 Building exterior, located within the public gardens ADEPT-Win-House-Of-Culture-And-Movement-In- Frederiksberg-Denmark-5.jpg Figure 5.8 Building zones inspired by playground Figure 5.9 Masses integration Figure 5.10 Circulation 21

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