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Figure 5.22 Lower level

Figure 5.22 Lower level plan 1. Natatorium 2. Concourse 3. Fitness 4. Equipment 5. Lockers 6. Mechanicals Figure 5.23 Higher level plan 1. Gymnasium 2. Offices 3. Lobby 4. Meditation Room 5. Concourse 6. Roof Garden 7. Skylights Figure 5.24 Cross section 1. Pool 2. Locker rooms 3. Roof garden 4. Skylights 24

5.4 Myall Coast Wellness and Community Centre, NSW, Australia- BAC Group Architects -Outdoor-inspired social area Building’s aim was to provide the near-by community with a social space that would deliver positive emotions and enhance the level of wellbeing. The building includes life-enhancing and communal activities, organized around a central pavilion. This north facing pavilion acts as the Centre’s heart (visually, physically, and environmentally); from this pavilion, people chose their paths towards the assigned activities which are organized in pods (health support pod, commercial pod, administration pod, child care pod, recreation pod, and community hall pod) Moreover, the pavilion enjoys a relaxing and destressing environment where plants, water, and people interact. This man-made atmosphere brings nature elements into the interior to generate a therapeutic and healthy space. Figure5.24 Myall Coast Wellness Centre exterior Figure 5.25 Pavilion sketch Figure 5.26 Pavilion section and thermal comfort 25

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