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5.5 Savill Visitor

5.5 Savill Visitor Centre, Windsor Great Park, Surrey, England- Glenn Howells Architects, 2007 90 -Organic & timber gridshell roof system The building utilises an organic shape roof, formed as a tree leaf which tend to blend magnificently with the landscape. The structure involves gridshell timber strips (80x50mm), organised in 4 layers grid; the lower 2 layers were set at 1m spacing and manipulated until the right shape was achieved, then bolted together. The Top grid was then fixed above. And thus, the layering system of the grid results a 300mm deep gridshell, covered with 2 layers of birch plywood panels@12mm thickness. These panels are fixed in a cross motion (the lower ones were diagonal to the upper ones to achieve strength) through butt joints, then strengthened with steel strips in order to transfer the tensile forces within the surface. The roof surface is then topped with a vapour control layer, insulation @200mm, an aluminium seam roof, and finished with oak rain screen boards. Roof load, however, is transferred to ground through the tubular steel beam which runs along its perimeter and fixed to the steel quadruped columns which take the load down to ground. Figure 5.26 Savill building exterior Figure 5.27 Timber gridshell system Figure 5.28 Gridshell- tubular beam connection 90 Architecture Today, “Glenn Howells Architects: Savill Building, Windsor Great Park,” last modified February 2, 2007, Figure 5.29 Roof interior Figure 5.30 Roof overhang (4.5m), and beam- column connection 26

5.6 Coastlands Aquatic Centre, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand - ASC Architects, 2013 91 -Pool area roofing (timber gridshell and ETFE membrane) The roofing system above the pools area consists of a glulam timber gridshell, with 3 layers of ETFE membrane that contains a pattern of dots (frits) used to reflect the unwanted sun and prevents it from entering the building. Moreover, the skin contains a UV-resisting layer to keep the interior environment safe and free from any radiations that may cause melanoma. Building’s temperature was promised to stay within the ‘convenient’ temperature rate at about 96 percent of the time, due to the clever membrane system and the automatic windows which should allow for a continual air flow. Figure 5.31 Coastland Aquatic Centre exterior Figure 5.32 Timber gridshell and ETFE membrane roof 91 ARCHITECTURE NOW, “ Coastlands Aquatic centre,” last modified April 1, 2014, 27

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