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6.00 Site Investigation

6.00 Site Investigation and Analysis 6.1 Site Location and Description East Tamaki is located in the Southeast side of Auckland with a vital district that is linked to the airport, port, city central, and other business zones within the region. The district was originally a Greenfield and has developed into a strong business attraction spot with local and foreign businesses. East Tamaki is considered being a very profitable manufacturing and trading region, with activities specialized in production, all-inclusive, organizational, support and high-tech businesses. 92 Highbrook Business Park is located within East Tamaki and on the Waiouru Peninsula. Highbrook Drive extends across the park and connects the Business Park with the State Highway1 (between the Otahuhu and East Tamaki interchanges). 93 Key driving distances from the business park are: 94 1 km to motorway, 18 km to Auckland CBD, 16 km to Auckland International Airport, and 5 km to Botany Downs. 92 Auckland Council, “East Tamaki Business Precinct Plan (DRAFT),” last modified May 4, 2012, businessprecinctplan/Documents/drafteasttamakibusinessprecinctplanjuneconsultation.p df 93 Goodman Property Trust, “Highbrook-Vision,” accessed April 8, 2015, 94 Ibid. Figure 6.1 site Location 28

6.2 Site Selection Criteria Highbrook Business Park was chosen for the following reasons: -Site analysis and demographics have revealed that a wellness-related intervention would be highly beneficial for business workers and the surrounding communities who are engaged with a busy life style. Furthermore, there is a limited number of health-related buildings within the area, and if they exist, they are segregated from each other, relatively small in size, and mostly influenced by the industrial theme of the surroundings buildings. -Land availability. -The envisaged growth of population and businesses. -Location near the Tamaki River which is beneficial for the proposed therapeutic spaces. -Location on the busy Highbrook Drive and intersection, as well as being visually and physically connected with the existing social hub. -Easily accessed by business workers, pedestrians, and cyclists. 29

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