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6.3 Site Zoning Zoning

6.3 Site Zoning Zoning system of East Tamaki is represented by retail, housing, and industrial which are connected by roads and drive ways. The overall area is considered metropolitan with the careful subdivision of each zone. Zoning criteria emphasises the separation between residential and industrial zones. However, metropolitan and retail are located at the Far East, while light industrial is pushed towards the far west. The chosen site is situated within the “light industrial” zone which makes it less exposed to noise, but far from metropolitan and entertainment area. Light Industrial Terraced housing & apartments Retail & metropolitan centre Figure 6.2 East Tamaki zoning system Figure 6.3 East Tamaki zoning system coloured 30

6.4 Highbrook Business Park historical background 95 1960-1990 It was the home of the well-known industrialist Sir Woolf Fisher and his partner. The meadow was used for racehorse preparations whose guests included significant figures, such as, Prince Charles and the Queen Mother. Soon after, with the evolution of Auckland, the Fisher family decided to sell and invest their land. 1998 landscape architect Peter Walker has finalised the award winning landscape scheme. 2004 Goodman Group has bought a 75 per cent share, while the estate of Sir Woolf Fisher maintained a 25 per cent profit. 2006 Goodman Property Trust bought a 75 per cent profit in certain finalised and initiated enterprises at Highbrook. Moreover, Highbrook Business Park Ltd was established at the same year. 2007 Highbrook motorway intersection was completed and in use. 2009 More than 22.5 hectares of lands have housed completed projects. Figure 6.4 The Queen Mother and Sir Woolf Fisher, 1966 ( ry) Figure 6.5 Sir Woolf Fisher and Prince Charles, 1966 2011 Highbrook Business Park received the famous Supreme Award from the Property Council of New Zealand. At the same year, the construction of “The Crossing” began; a mixed use development to become the main focal point for the Business Park. Figure 6.6: Highbrook Business Park before development ( y) Figure 6.7 Highbrook Business Park after been developed and still developing ( 95 Goodman Property Trust, “Highbrook-Vision,” accessed April 8, 2015, 31

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