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6.5 Demographic Study

6.5 Demographic Study 6.5.1 East Tamaki business workers 96 There was a noticeable 61% increase in employee’s number during (2000-2010). This represents a total net increase of 10,446 workers, and an annually regular increase percentage of 4.88 %. More than half the precinct (wider East Tamaki) 97 employees (aprox.55 %) work in either production or all-inclusive services. The production subdivision records the highest within the precinct’s employment; it comprises nearly 37 % of all employment in the precinct. The Business district attracts 35% of its workers from within 5km of the area and 70% from within 10km. Most employees, however, come from its east and south. 6.5.2 Wider East Tamaki 98 residents 99 During 1996 and 2006, community of wider East Tamaki area has raised from 37,000 to 64,000. 96 Auckland Council, “East Tamaki Business Precinct Plan (DRAFT),” last modified May 4, 2012, businessprecinctplan/Documents/drafteasttamakibusinessprecinctplanjuneconsultation.p df 97 The wider East Tamaki area is defined by; Clover Park, Donegal Park, Dannemora, East Tamaki, fergusson, Golfland, Millhouse, Ormiston, Otara East, Otara West, Otara North, Otara South, Point View, Redoubt North, Flat bush and Burswood. 98 Ibid. 99 Auckland Council, “East Tamaki Business Precinct Plan (DRAFT),” last modified May 4, 2012, makibusinessprecinctplan/Documents/drafteasttamakibusinessprecinctplanjuneconsultati on.pdf Figure 6.8 Spatial Density of people working within East Tamaki Business Precinct, 2006 (Auckland Council Website) Figure6.9 Employed Employment Occupation Group for the Wider East Tamaki Area, Auckland and New Zealand (2000-2010) 32

This is a total increase of 73 per cent within ten years. However, a prediction of 3 per cent community increase within the upcoming 20 years associate to an extra 56,590 residents and a total of 125,000 dwellers by 2031. According to 2006 census, the area showed: -Median age of 29 years old and 28 per cent younger than15 years old. -Ethnicities involve 32 per cent Pacific Islanders, 27 per cent Europeans, 24 per cent Asians, and 11 per cent Maori. This explains that the area has a high cultural diversity and the majority of residents are from the independent group. 33

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