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6.8 Topographical study

6.8 Topographical study The southern and eastern ends on Highbrook Drive and Business Parade North slope down by 4.5 meters towards the North West where the Tamaki River is. The site is mostly viewed from its highest ends (Highbrook Drive and Business Parade North), and mostly experiencing a relatively flat surface. Conclusion and aspects to consider -The topography slope offers an opportunity to access the site from high levels. -Site is highly visible from the Highbrook Drive, Business Parade North, and the social hub. -Site boundary does not include the river edge, as it is reserved for public access. -The walking, cycling track runs through the site and it needs to be acknowledged. -The river doesn’t run along the edges that face the northern boundaries of site, as the area contains high levels of mud and vegetation. Figure 6.13 Highbrook Land and topography in 3d Figure 6.14 Highbrook Land and topography plan Figure 6.15 Highbrook Land and topography sections 42

7.0 Design Process 7.1 Design Brief The proposed programme is a “Rejuvenation Centre” within Highbrook Business Park for workers and the near-by communities, operating seven days a week to provide wellness programmes, practised by mixed age groups who seek for health and wellness. 7.2 Spatial Requirement: Building main programmes were chosen as a response to the ‘wellness’ concept (mentioned earlier) which emphasises the healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, other activities were added responding to site needs. Social Zone: -Help desk -Café -Small retail -Health education (24 people) -Entertainment and recreation (table tennis, billiard, rock-climbing, and - basketball court) -Toilet Aquatic Zone (active and tranquil) - active: . 25m long x18m wide lap pool . 2x learning pools for adults and kids -Tranquil: . 2x steam rooms, . 3x sauna rooms, . 6x pools (3 hot and 3 indulging) Fitness Zone -Consultation and booking -Group exercise rooms (2x small) -Group exercise room (1x large) -Exercise room with machines(x4) - Running track (with interior-exterior connection) -Toilet Yoga and Meditation Zone -Reception and booking -Meditation and yoga rooms (x6) -Message and therapy rooms (x4) Business-related Zone -Help desk and booking -Conference rooms (theatre style) x2 -Small lounge -Large training rooms (x3) -Small meeting room -Large meeting room -Toilet Clinic -Helpdesk and booking -Waiting area (20 people) -Pharmacy, health advice and retail -Small consultation rooms(x2) -Consultation and check-up rooms(x4) -Group consultation(x1) -X-ray and lab -Toilet Others: -Staff, library, childcare, changing rooms and lockers with showers Outdoor Recreation (football field 45m widex90m long) 43

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