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7.3 Centre Usage Terms

7.3 Centre Usage Terms and Conditions Conditions were set at an early stage of design to assist with the configuration of circulation. The intervention includes certain activities made available for public and business workers to be used for free of charge, while providing other specialized programmes that require either membership or entry charges. As a result, conditions will be: -Free access is allowed to the social zone and library. Clinic, on the other hand, allows free entrance to pharmacy and health retail only. -Aquatic, fitness, yoga and meditation zones require memberships or normal hourly charges. The charges, however, are expected to be lower for East Tamaki residents and business workers. In fact, workers’ fees might be partially or fully subsidised by their employers. -Business-related zone is used by businesses only with either membership or hourly charges. -Outdoor and indoor recreation (football field and basketball court) can be used by anyone, and for small charges. (Bookings and reservations are needed) -Childcare service is made available for people using the Centre. 44

7.4 Phase One- Initial form concept and early exploration Form intention was to contrast the box-like buildings available on site, and instead, integrating a fluid and dynamic form that responds to site contours and the fluid motion of the Tamaki River, in order to achieve an organic shaped building. This was a response to Feng-Shui philosophy which suggests that buildings need to work in harmony with the life forces (Qis) and not against them, in order to deliver an advantageous Qi (energy) into building interior. 102 Form has first responded to Earthly Qi (contours and river movements) by mimicking and replicating contours and the river flow, which offers the form an east-west axis and north orientation. Figure 7.1 Site with views and vegetation connections Figure 7.2 early attempts- form exploration 102 Simona F. Manini, Feng Shui for Architecture (USA: Xlibris, 2004), 60 45

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