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Form was developed in 3D

Form was developed in 3D then placed within the chosen site which was also modelled in 3 dimensions after the exact land and topography information was obtained from the GIS website 103 in order to test and examine the resulted building form and site relationship. The sloped contours on the Highbrook Drive side and Business Parade North were left unbuilt so views to river can still be experienced by pedestrians and motorists. Moreover, outdoor seating, and green pathways leading from the high roads to the proposed building are still to be integrated with these sloped contours at a later design stage. Figure 7.3 building viewed from Business Parade North centre/ Figure 7.5 building axon-2 Figure 7.4 building axon-1 103 Auckland Council, “GIS Map Viewer,” accessed September 2 nd , 2015, 46

Zones were then integrated into the building form to test how activities may relate to each other, and how they might connect with site. These zones were located according to views, noise level, and proximity to the river from one side and Highbrook Drive from the other side. An upper level was suggested to house yoga, relaxation lounge with roof terrace, small clinic, and business-related zone. This level was approached as a reasonably narrow strip that runs along the northern edge to obtain views. Figure 7.6 Yoga outdoor view Figure 7.7 view from roof terrace Figure 7.8 view from outdoor pools Figure 7.9 early exploration plans and sections within the site Critique: This early exploration has mainly focused on generating the fluid form, with disregarding its scale. However, occupying the entire site wasn’t s/community-health/myall-coastwellness-centre/ masses which green spaces can wellness-centre/ grow in between and face the a good idea. It was suggested that cts/community-health/myall-coast- form can be broken up into smaller river, rather than being surrounded by the building itself. It was also suggested to engage with the sloped contours on the Highbrook Drive side and integrate its effect into the building. 47

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