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7.5 Phase Two- Form

7.5 Phase Two- Form development-1- This exploration has looked at reducing building scale, opening up to greens, defining shapes of each zone, as well as introducing ramps to be used as the main circulation paths which separate zones by levels and not by walls. or the public ramp that feeds into public social space. The third ramp, however (Far East), leads to more formal activities (staff, business, clinic). Outdoor football field was introduced on the west side, in order to blend in with the reserved green land (on its left), as well as preserve the Tamaki River views when looking down from Highbrook Drive, and when people make their Figure 7.10 sketch plan of form development-1 journey towards the building. Christopher Day describes that paths and journeys towards buildings should be associated with pleasing views in order to achieve a ‘therapy first impression’. 104 2x car parks were allowed; small one next to the recreational field (of Highbrook Drive where a drive way already exists) to be mainly used by people engaged with the football field. Also, a large car park accessed from Business Parade North and located close to the main building entrance. From the main entrance, people chose their paths through either the private ramp (on the north side) which leads to activities that require fees, 104 Christopher Day, Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as healing Art (Oxford: Architectural Press, 2004), 25 Figure 7.11 schematic plan-form development-1 48

Figure 7.12 Outdoor recreation and topography relationship Figure 7.13 Outdoor path to entrance coming down from Highbrook Drive unity-health/myall-coast-wellness-centre/ Figure 7.14 Outdoor path to entrance coming down from Business Parade Noth unity-health/myall-coast-wellness-centre/ 49

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