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Change of levels was

Change of levels was also explored during this phase. The concept involved lifting each activity at a certain height responding to views and contours. The way these floors were lifted was utilising the existing topography at some parts and integrating a system of columns at others. For instance, activities on the east side are lifted and supported by land, while the ones on the north and west sit on a flat land and therefore some support is needed (Concrete columns were suggested). However, the dominant site surface sits on contour 8 (8 meters above sea level) which introduces the flatness of site. After exploring the levelling system, it was decided that roofs could also utilise the same language and undulates responding to floors, so the physical and visual movements of people can experience similar motions as progressing from activity to another. Figure 7.15 Level changing 50

Figure 7.16 Sectional perspective of form development-1 51

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