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7.6 Phase Three- Roof

7.6 Phase Three- Roof exploration At an early stage, it was decided that roofing system could utilise a tree-like structure to develop a roof form that consists of canopies, branches, and columns. The idea was explored using Grasshopper and Rhino soft wares to develop a more mathematical ways when configuring roof surface and its support system. It was concluded that this approach works in contradiction with the fluid plan concept as the branching system and the triangular panels started to give a more geometrical impression, ruled by certain angles. Furthermore columns required short spans in order to allow roof surface some movement. Figure 7.17 Roof exploration- Computer generated model of a Tree-like structure 52

As a result, tree-like roof structure was then developed into a gridshell system which was concluded to be more suitable for the flowy form, as it can offer a column free space, and can be shaped and undulated responding to floor levels. This roof structure was suggested to implement strategies learnt from the Savill building (precedent-5-) which involves the use of timber gridshell supported by a steel ring beam that runs around the building’s perimeter and supported by steel columns mainly located outside the building. Figure 7.18 developed gridshell roof and plan relationship Figure 7.19 developed gridshell roof and site relationship Figure 7.20 developed roof and levels relationship 53

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