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7.7 Phase Four- Form

7.7 Phase Four- Form development-2- This stage has looked at integrating the river’s meandering concept after seeing its potential in development-1. This was a response to the irregularly shaped zones which have caused some waste in space. Also, the ramping system needed some re-configuration to make it read as it was descending down from a high point, rather than landing at a low entrance then moving up to zones, then down again. The approach has involved using semi-circular shaped forms (meanderslike) to produce more efficient forms and minimise any wastage in floor area. The ramp is now acting as a river stream that splits into two in order to feed into the private and public zones, as well as linking all these meanders (zones) together. Figure 7.21 meander stages sketch Figure 7.22 Meander development sketch-1 Figure 7.23 Meander development sketch-2- Axis Figure 7.24 Meander development sketch-3 levels 54

The generated meander-like plan employs east-west axis, and it was tested on site to ensure that each activity gets sufficient sunlight, considering daylight as an essential healing factor (classified under Feng- Shui’s Heavenly Qi 105 ). Masses, at this stage, were also integrated into land to figure out form-site relationship, and ensure that forms are working with ‘Earthly Qi’ and not against it in order to obtain healing energy. 106 Figure 7.25 form development-2 with summer, winter sun diagrams and prevailing SW cool winds 105 Simona F. Manini, Feng Shui for Architecture (USA: Xlibris, 2004), 60 106 Ibid. Figure 7.26 form development-2 and site relationship 55

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