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7.8 Phase Five-

7.8 Phase Five- Circulation and ramping system development Ramps’ ratios were used at 1:17 and 1:15 to ensure a convenient walk. The development includes: starting at a high level (contour 14) when first arriving the ramp, then making the journey down to levels 13,12,11,10,9,8 (private north), or to levels13,12,8 (public south), or 14 to 12 (public north). The development has also considered engaging people constantly with the outdoor views when they are using the ramps, by carefully opening up to site views where healing vegetation, trees, and river can be seen. This results a visual experience that alternate between the outdoor nature and the indoor activities. Figure 7.27 Ramp, levels and site relationships Figure 7.28 Ramp Journey and site views Figure 7.29 Public-private Ramping system 56

7.9 Phase Six- Zoning consideration and activities’ relationships This phase has looked at the concept of zoning, and the activities housed in each zone after circulation paths (ramps) were determined. This stage was a continuation to phase-five where it applies physical separation between public and private, while keeping them visually connected. As a result, activities accessed by members were located along the private path, whereas publicly accessed zones were integrated with the public path. Figure 7.30 Activities’ relationship Figure 7.31 zoning system 57

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