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Roof development above

Roof development above social zone: As mentioned earlier, the roof concept involves using an organic form that blends in with the dominant nature of site. Roof perimeter, however, extends slightly beyond the outer edges of walls, in order to provide shelter underneath and introduce a column free interior. Thus, most columns will be arranged around building exterior which makes the roof structure read as the main dominant feature of the building. The roof uses timber gridshell, constructed from 80x50 mm glue laminated strips in 2 interlocked layers. The grids are supported by timber arches, set on multiple heights to achieve the form undulation; these arches are connected to the 400mm tubular steel beam which is fixed to 200mm diameter V shaped steel columns (set at certain spacing). The intention was to use columns that are simple in shape and don’t take the attention from roof surface (opposite to roof exploration-1- where columns seemed more dominant than roof) The skin uses 2x layers of 12mm thick plywood sheets, fixed to the gridshell system in a diagonal way and strengthened by metal strips to help transferring tensile forces within the shell. Roof Figure 7.40 layers sketch membrane is used under the 200mm roof insulation, metal standing-seam roof and cedar wood boards above (20mm thick) are suggested as finishing layers to give the organic impression on roof when seen from the exterior. Figure 7.41 Social roofing system Thus, the main roof materials that are experienced from the interior would be the glue laminated gridshell and the plywood panels. Figure 7.42 Social zone roof relationship with water zone 62

Figure 7.43 Social zone looking from public ramp Figure 7.44 Social zone looking from indoor recreation Figure 7.45 Social zone looking from private ramp 63

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