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Noor Abid_2016-02-19

Façade explorations:

Façade explorations: The aim was incorporating some of water characteristics within the façade system, including the wave-like motion, and the transparency of water. The explorations have also looked at ways on how to encourage people moving within the zone in order to experience different views. Movement was approached through allowing views at some parts of the facade and block them fully and/or partially at others, using a pattern system that involves opaque, transparent, and translucent panels, placed in a rhythm that expresses the wave-like action. Exploration-1- Involves a fully glazed system, consists of panels with different transparencies. The opaque and transparent ones are positioned at the highest level where the high summer sun hits. Clear glazing, however, is allowed at the middle and the lower levels where they alternate with opaque and transparent panels. Opacity changes take the wave motion which let peoples’ visions Figure 7.49 sections through façade system-1 Illustrating vision movement when walking along the facade experience the same movement. Panels layout allows people to experience clear views (at the high level) and obscured views (at the lower level) when standing at one spot, and after moving few steps on the same level, clear-obscured views change to obscured-clear, giving that visual movement experience. Figure 7.48 Water façade -1 transparency pallet and initial sketch Figure 7.50 Water façade -1- test render 68

Exploration-2- This exploration introduces the use of louvers as a second skin to veil 100% of the high translucent panels (where northern sun hits) and 20% of the lower translucent panels. This was a development to exploration-1- in order to control the high amount of sun coming from the northern facade (which the water zone mainly faces). Figure 7.52 sections through façade system-2 Illustrating vision movement when walking along the facade Figure 7.51 Water façade -2 transparency pallet and initial sketch The façade panels are arranged in away where opaque and translucent panels alternate at the highest levels. Sunlight travels through the high clear glass which its light gets refracted by the louvers, creating shadow patterns that express movement. Translucent panels however are located at the lowest part, alternating with the transparent panels to allow views. Figure 7.53 Water façade -2- test render 69

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