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Exploration-3 Combines

Exploration-3 Combines exploration1 and 2 to develop a façade system that utilises from opacity changing and the second skin concept, in order to gain control over the northern sun, as well as generate shadow patterns that express movement. As a result, opaque and transparent panels are positioned at the highest level (where the high sun hits) while Figure 7.55 sections through façade system-3 translucent and opaque take Illustrating vision movement when walking the lower level, opening to along the facade views in an alternative way. The panels’ pattern in here still works with the wave-like effect. Figure 7.54 Water façade -3 transparency pallet and initial sketch Critique and conclusion: Disregarding fully translucent facades and translucent panels on high levels was a response to Feng-Shui’s Yin Yang concept which suggests a balance between the elements that provide yin and the elements that provide yang 112 (opaque panels and louvers provide yin, while translucent panels provide yang). The final development of the façade has looked at integrating a second skin to soften the northern sun (yang effect), as well as placing opaque and transparent panels at the high level (to soften yang and provide yin). 112 Simona F. Manini, Feng Shui for Architecture (USA: Xlibris, 2004) P. ,83,84 Figure 7.56 Water façade -3- test render 70

Roof development and ETFE material: Roofing system of this zone uses timber grid shell with ETFE membrane, in order to engage with the water theme, as the material offers flexibility with a degree of transparency, providing connection with the blue and white sky colours. The membrane utilises triple layers to avoid the overheating effect, and it contains frits (prints) to lower down the transparency level and control light transmission. Furthermore, a UV resisting layer becomes essential to block out UV rays. These implications were used in “Coastland Aquatic Centre”, a local example on providing a safe and healthy interior environment when ETFE membrane is used. 113 Figure 7.57 sketch looking from learning pool Figure 7.58 sketch looking from active lap pool Figure 7.59 Water zone roof system 113 ARCHITECTURE NOW,2015,, accessed September, 1 st , 2015 71

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