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Figure 7.60 roof-levels

Figure 7.60 roof-levels relationship and thermal comfort within the pools 72

7.11.3 Wood zone exploration and development Fi Wood-inspired atmosphere is applied within 3 different activities including: business, clinic, and body-mind rejuvenation. It was concluded that these three activities will benefit the most from the de-stressing characteristics that wood provides such as: texture, colour, and smell. This zone’s concept utilises elements that are found in wood environment, for instance, growing vertically in forests, carrying greens and surrounded by greens, exposed to refracted and diffused sun light. These elements were translated into a theme to be implemented within the activities mentioned above. Explorations: Exploration-1- Vertical louvers with activity-driven façade patterns This exploration focuses on daylight control and connection with nature, using tall apertures to emphasise verticality within the interior. The approach Figure 7.61 wood façade-1 initial sketch was to integrate a secondary skin facade that consists of high vertical louvers with densities that increase and decrease, depending on how much light and views are needed by each activity. The approach results shadow patters that consist of tall strips, with full height views looking out on to the greens and the Tamaki River. The exterior facade, on the other hand, expresses patterns that are shaped by the interior activities. 73

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